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Murder Story of an Unknown Identity

This murder story began on July 28th, 1996, two fishermen found a body in the net of the Brixham trawler malkerry six miles off Teignmouth. It was an unknown man’s body. They quickly informed the police.

ronald joseph platt dead-body

Soon there were DC Ian Clenahan Devon and Cornwall police.

In the beginning, while examining the body, the police thought that it was unfortunate as the detectives weren’t able to find anything that could help in identifying the dead body. The dead body was in a long sleeve shirt, trousers. And the pockets were turned out as if somebody checked him. The expensive things that he was still wearing were the brown shoes and a 25-year-old Rolex watch which was still attached to the victim’s right wrist, which showed time and date. The watch showed 11:33 on 22. Soon there were DC Ian Clenahan Devon and Cornwall police.

Rolex watch murder story

The well-preserved condition of the body showed that the body was not in the sea for long. After the post-mortem, it revealed there were several injuries on the body, including a deep gash on the head. There was a possibility that the head injury could happen while lifting the trawl onto the deck, but this was not certain. There was something that could distinguish the victim. It was the tattoo that was on the back right hand of the victim. It was hard to tell what the symbol was about, it smudged over time, but Gayan Fernando a pathologist, who post-mortem the body had the initial thought that it was a cluster of stars tattoo.

Murder Mystery

 Till that time no one had reported for the missing man. This murder story was becoming complicated as there wasn’t much clue to find the victim’s identity. Except for the Rolex watch. As there was a reasonable probability that the watch was original, and there could be a serial number, which could be taken to Rolex to collect the information about the buyer.

So, the police took the watch to the Rolex in London. Luckily they were able to find the identity of the dead man. Six weeks had passed since they found the body from the ocean, but finally, they were on the right track.

   The body was of Ronald Joseph Platt. Soon detective was able to find his last known address which was a place in Essex, Chelmsford. He had been a tenant in this house. So, the local police contacted the landlord of the house, who put the police in touch with a man named David Davis, who was the personal referee of Ronald Joseph Platt.

DS Peter Redman, a local police officer in Essex, first hesitated to tell D. Davis that his friend was dead, but he did so. Eventually, D. Davis agreed to meet the police to give the background information about Ronald Platt and the conversation was over.

   Once DS Peter Redman met D. Davis for general information related to this murder mystery. DS Peter Redman asked D. Davis about the dead body’s back right-hand, tattoo. It was a Canadian maple leaf tattoo. D. Davis was sure that he had his friend’s photograph, later he sent the photo to DS Peter Redman. There were two men with a horse in the picture. The first man was with an umbrella in his hand while the second one was in front of him touching the horse. In the photo, the umbrella man was circled and had the name on it, “Ron”.

According to the investigation, there wasn’t anything suspicious in this murder. Ronald Joseph Platt was probably fallen from overboard and drowned. It looked like an unfortunate accident. There was nothing that the police could do about this murder mystery. So it seemed like the end of the investigation, the case closed only a few formalities were left to do. 

For the last time, DC Ian Clenahan Devon wanted to speak to D. Davis, but he wasn’t answering his call. Therefore, the officer requested his colleague in Essex police and they asked Peter Redmond to visit D. Davis’s house and ask him to contact Ian Clenahan Devon.

   Peter Redmond did what the police asked him to do. He visited the address it was a village. The place where D. David’s house was supposed to be, it was a rural area. None of those houses had nameplate. Therefore he went to the first house and knocked. An elderly couple answered, “I’m looking for the Little London farmhouse,” Peter said.

   “No, no, this is not Little London farmhouse, Little London Farmhouse is next door,” they said and then continued “Who you’re looking for?”

   “I am looking for D. Davis,” Peter Redmond replied.

   “There is no D. Davis, Ron Platt lives there,” they said, and Peter Redmond was shocked.

    Peter Redmond described David Davis, and they described Ron Platt, whom they were claiming to be the owner of the house. Peter and they were talking about the same person. So, it was clear that David Davis was posing Ronald Joseph Platt. 

    There was something very fishy in this murder story. So, Peter Redmond started asking more questions about the fake Ronald Platt.

    They told him that he and his family moved to a new place recently. In the family were Ronald Platt, his very young wife and two small children and a baby.

     Detective Peter Redmond doubted that there was a connection with Ronald Platt’s death and D. Davis. It made sense as Detective Peter Redmond knew that D. Davis had a boat that he generally used for sailing.

     The investigation continued, but without his name or description of the boat, the police weren’t able to do anything. The cops thought of finding a witness from whom they could get any clue to finish up this story of murder. So, they contacted the fishermen who found the body.

The fishermen told the police that they had found an anchor, which they had already sold. Police were able to track it and possessed it. Now the police wanted to go more deeply into the case. They wanted to know more about Ronald Platt and David Davis’s friendship. So they met Ronald’s brother, he told about Ronald Platt’s ex-girlfriend, who was with him for a long time. Her name was Elaine Boyes, who lived in the Harrogate area. Ronald Platt and Elaine Boyes were together for ten until 1993. 

     D. Davis met her five years ago in Harrogate when he went to the auctioneers, where she was working as a receptionist. There they had a conversation for a while, D. Davis asked her about auction rooms, paintings, and antiques. After some time, the conversation moved into what he was doing. D. Davis was walking up to Yorkshire. At the end of the interview, he offered her a job. It was unusual for her because she was finding a place to live near Harrogate in the Dales and need a job. But there was a problem, she and Ronald Platt were soon going to move to Canada. She told him this, and he replied: “That’s fine and I can help you save up to go to Canada. I will pay you more than you earn here.”

  Through Elaine Boyes, D. Davis met Ronald Platt. Soon Elaine and Ronald Platt became friends with D. Davis.

D. Davis had a new company named Cavendish Corporation. He offered them a share in his company. D. Davis made Ronald and Elaine directors of his company and explained why he didn’t want to be the director. He told them that his wife was chasing him for alimony, his wife had a lot of money and was successful, but still, she was after his money. So, that’s why he didn’t want his name on any paperwork.

 As they used to work together, they became good friends. In 1992, Ronald, Elaine, Davis, and his daughter Noelle were celebrating Christmas together. Noelle was a little shy. His father was doing all of the talking. She wasn’t quite shy, but she was looking for her father’s approval. Later, Davis gave a gift to Ronald and Elaine. It was the ticket to Canada, which they could use before Feb 1993. Ronald was amazed as he was very excited to go. But Elaine didn’t want this to happen this quickly. Davis told them they had an excellent opportunity to live their life in Canada and gave the suggestion of how they can still be directors. He said to them that they could make rubber stamps so that whenever any documents and checks will need directors’ signatures, they would use the mark.

 In 1993, they shifted to Canada, but they weren’t able to settle there. Ronald had difficulties in finding a job and Elaine couldn’t work there. They had a shortage of money and were struggling there. Within five months, Elaine was back home to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. There D. Davis was invited, he got distraught when heard about Elaine and Ronald had a breakup. She wasn’t going back to Canada. 

 After the wedding, D. Davis left. Since then, Elaine hadn’t met him. She only had his phone number but didn’t know his address. For three years she was not in constant touch with Ronald Platt and D. Davis.

Police informed Elaine about Ronald’s death. She was shocked because she had a phone call to D. Davis a week ago. She asked him if he had heard from Ronald lately, but he had replied that he was in contact with Ronald. After inquiring police left Elaine’s house.

     Now Elaine knew something was wrong. So, next time when D. Davis’s called her, she told him that she knew about Ronald’s death. All of a sudden, his voice changed. At the end of the conversation, he said that he would like to meet her. To avoid the suspicion that she had doubts about Davis, she met him for a coffee. This murder mystery was getting more interesting.

In the cafe, Davis met her. There Davis was crying for his death. She could see that he was acting. Therefore after they got departed, Elaine called the police. She knew he would be travelling by train, he would arrive at Chelmsford station, but the police didn’t find him there.

    Police started finding D. Davis to arrest him. They went to his house and found him. He came out of his house and got into the cab, which was outside his home. The police followed the booth and in the middle, stopped it and arrested him.

    Police had arrested him and knew that he had been using Ronald Platt’s name. But there wasn’t any clue that could prove him guilty of murdering him. 

    Essex police went back to his house to arrest D. Davis’s wife. His wife was not shocked; she was more concerned about packing. A female police officer noticed something that the bags were pretty heavy. She checked the bag and found gold bars and cash. Now, this murder story took a turn, the police checked the house and found 25000 pounds cash, 8000 swiss francs, 17 gold bars and paintings valued at 6000 pounds.


While searching the police also found a photo of D. Davis on his boat. The boat had “Lady Jane”, written on it. Soon the police tracked down the ship. They found Ronald’s blood and hair on a cushion in the cabin of the boat.
The police took D. Davis fingerprint and sent it to the Interpol to find more about him and came across a piece of big news. He wasn’t even D. Davis his real name was Albert Johnson walker. He was a fugitive from Canada who had theft millions of dollars and was in Interpol’s most-wanted list.

albert johnson walker

Police discovered that he was living with his wife Bard and their family in Ontario. Later he and his wife were split and once arrested for forcefully breaking into the house. He used to run an investment company, in 1990 he disappeared along with 3.2 million dollars of clients’ money.
According to his family, he and his daughter Sheena were on vacation. But when they didn’t return for a long time, his wife Barb got a concern about her daughter’s safety.
A missing photo of a 15-year-old girl circulated worldwide. Fake Ronald and his daughter, whom he forced to pose his wife were living their life luxurious. But when Albert heard that Ronald came back from Canada, he got conscious because his real identity could reveal. Therefore, one day he called Ronald for fishing and killed him there.
Now, there was enough evidence to find him guilty. Later he was sentenced to life imprisonment. In Feb 2005, he returned to Canada to serve the rest of his sentence.
And finally, this story ends. The murderer punished for the crime he committed.