Fun Facts About Switzerland

Square Flag

Fun Facts about switzerland

Here is a fun fact about Switzerland! Only two countries have a proper square shape flag, Switzerland & Vatican City. While having this shape flag, there are few exceptions too, like the International Olympic Committee makes it mandatory that all countries participating in Olympic must have the same dimension flag. In this case, Switzerland needs to change the shape of the flag just for Olympic.

Each dog needs an ID in Switzerland

Fun facts about Dogs In Switzerland

It is surprising that according to the government of Switzerland, each dog owner needs to maintain an ID of their dog. The ID includes information about the dog-like, photograph, breed, dog’s microchip, and the vaccination the dog had. The story doesn’t end here. The dog owners need to pay an amount to the government for registration of their dog. This amount is charged by the dog owners annually. The tax amount is on the base of the height and weight of the pet.

Keeping a cute member of the family seems to be pretty expensive in Switzerland!

Guinea Pig needs a partner in Switzerland

Fact About Guinea Pig In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most romantic places in the world, and if one wants to be there, they will surely prefer a partner.
It is one of the funniest but a significant fact and the decision made by the Switzerland government. It is illegal to own only a single Guinea Pig in Switzerland. When it comes to owning a Guinea Pig, the government of Switzerland has implemented the rule that one cannot hold a single Guinea Pig in Switzerland, one needs to keep a couple together in the cage.
Animal rights introduced this law there in 2008 as the animals should also have some social rights intend that they do not get lonely. Luckily, there are some rents the guinea pig service available in the country that provides a partner, so the guinea pig doesn’t feel alone in the cage.
This rule implements just for a few other animals like goldfish, parrot, etc.

The Winter line

Switzerland winter line

The winter line is a horizontal phenomenon in which a route forms in the sky. You can see this in the picture above. This winter line is so beautiful and rare that it is only visible in a few places on earth like Switzerland and India (Mussoorie). 

Which country is most famous for chocolate?

Here is one more fun fact about Switzerland.
Imagine you are in Switzerland with your partner and spending quality time. To impress a female and bring an instant smile on her face, one thing that would do so is gifting her chocolates. Switzerland is the country to consume the maximum chocolates in the world. One can never leave the country without tasting Swiss chocolate. Not only the tourists but the people living in Switzerland have a keen desire for Swiss chocolate which makes it the most chocolate consuming countries (19.4 pounds per capita). Switzerland also has a big market for exporting chocolates to different countries like Germany, the UK, France, and Italy.

Swiss chocolate

Land of invention

Switzerland can also be called a land of the invention as few inventions made in Switzerland changed the world. There is a long list of devices made in Switzerland and Swiss inventors, but few of the most commonly used are the following:

Who invented the optical computer mouse?

René Sommer, a Swiss inventor, and a computer programmer modified the old design of Nicoud and Guignard by adding a processor to the mouse. He became the co-inventor of the computer mouse; the new model had a user-friendly experience and was easy to use.

Where was milk chocolate invented?

Switzerland Milk Chocolate Fact

Daniel Peter developed milk chocolate in the 1870s. Till the 90s, Daniel Peter operated in the Nestle factory which is in Vevey, Switzerland. His development of milk chocolate changed the taste of chocolate all over the world. We all know that chocolates from Switzerland are the best chocolate in the world.


Aluminum Foil Used For Food Packaging In Switzerland

Alusuisse was the first firm to bring in the role of the aluminium foil to use for the eatable products. This firm made the first use of the aluminium foil to pack chocolate.

Swiss Knife

Swiss Army Knife

The people interested in adventurous activities must be undoubtedly aware of the swiss army knife, people going out for trekking, camping, and other adventurous activities carry this knife. The Swiss Army Knife was invented in Ibach, Switzerland in 1891 by the company Victorinox.

Who invented LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and where was it invented?

LSD was invented by a Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in 1938. At that time, he was working in Sandoz Pharmaceutical. However, its effects on the human body were known in 1943 when Hofmann accidentally consumed it. After the consumption of LSD, many results were found and to know more about LSD, click here.
There many more inventions were made in Switzerland, the world’s first instant coffee, World Wide Web, wristwatch, and many more.

Lakes and Switzerland

lakes in Switzerland

There are thousands of lakes located in Switzerland, which is approximately 7000 in the country. Switzerland is a beautiful country with the most beautiful landscape, and people say that if you are anywhere in Switzerland, you are never 10 miles away from the lakes.

Which country has the least crime rate?

Switzerland is the safest country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The main reason this country has very few criminals is that most of the citizens in Switzerland wealthy enough and are usually well educated. Apart from this, Switzerland has an honest government. As the government it is chosen by its public, the rules in this country prevent the crimes that could happen.

Child Eater Fountain

Child Eater Statue In Switzerland

Here is the last fact about Switzerland. One of the weirdest fountains in the world is in Switzerland, the Child Eater Fountain. This fountain shows a monster eating little children. There are different theories behind this fountain, and one of them is to scare the beast ate children who misbehaved during Christmas.
Although we can’t tell the exact story behind this statue, however, you must visit Switzerland at least once in a lifetime to see more amazing things in this country.