Fun facts about Charlie Chaplin

facts about charlie chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was a great actor whom no one will forget. We all know him as a great actor who has entertained us from his comedy. His first movie was “Making a living”, after it, he made non-stop hit cinemas and soon got famous for his great acting. But some exciting things are unknown to him. Charlie Chaplin composed for many of his films, and he collaborated with female filmmakers who were a rarity in those days. He was a perfectionist when he was working on his short film named “The Immigrant”, he shot 40,000 feet film, which was quite a lot for 20 minutes. Charlie Chaplin cast an actress named Virginia Cherrill in the movie “City lights” to says two words “Flower, sir”, Charlie Chaplin made her repeat those words for 342 takes. “He knew exactly what he wanted, and Charlie Chaplin would have preferred not to have any other actors in his films—Charlie Chaplin even tried making a film once where he was the only person in it,” Hooman Mehran, author of Chaplin’s Limelight and the Music Hall Tradition, told CNN. It shows there was lots of effort and dedication to making such entertaining movies.

      In 1981, Russian astronomer Lyudmila Georgievna Karachkina, who has discovered more than 100 minor planets, named one of them after the legendary director: 3623 Chaplin.

     Charlie Chaplin first met Albert Einstein on the famed physicist’s second trip to America, in 1930-31, when he got an invitation to lecture at the California Institute of Technology. At that time, Einstein was all over the newspapers for the explanation of his theories. He was known to be not a casual movie watcher who watches movies only for entertainment but who is also interested in art-house cinema. The head of Universal Studios, Carl Laemmle, invited him to Hollywood. There Einstein took the opportunity and asked the studio head to introduce him to Charlie Chiplin. They met and had a conversation, in the middle of the interview, Einstein said, “What I admire most about your art, is its universality. You do not say a word, and yet the world understands you.” “It’s true”, replied Chaplin, “But your fame is even greater: The world admires you when nobody understands what you say.”

 In autumn 1952 Charlie Chaplin, his wife, and his four children went for a holiday to the British. On 19 September, word came through that if he were to return to America, he would be an arrest. He was accused of communist sympathies, while he created scandal through his involvement in a paternity suit and his marriages to much younger women. An FBI investigation opened, and Chaplin was then forced to leave the United States and settle in Switzerland. It was a heartbreaking thing for Charlie Chaplin. He lived there for 40 years. It made him that made that he announced: “I would not go back there even if Jesus Christ were the president”. But after 20 years later in 1972 he visited the US for one more time. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honoured the 82-year-old Charlie Chaplin with an honorary Oscar (his second of three). Chaplin attended the ceremony and received an enthusiastic standing ovation. When he finally spoke, he said, “Thank you for the honour of inviting me here. You’re all wonderful, sweet people.”