Fortnite Facts

Fortnite is a world-famous online game from Epic games using their Unreal four-game engine, which released in July 2017. They had instant success, by the end of the month, Epic Games announced that they had sold over 5,00,000 copies of the Fortnite game. It was published in 2011 and released after seven years. Fortnite is an inspiration by the PC game Minecraft.

fortnite facts

In Fortnite, players can destroy structures and collect material from it, which they use, to build a new structure. Fact about Fortnite! Initially, in starting the plan was to make Fortnite a horror game, which was supposed to be very creepy and terrifying. But the idea was changed, and they made it more like Looney Tunes and the Pixar movies because they wanted players to enjoy playing for an extended period and it worked as it is now.

Facts that most of the players don’t know about Fortnite

fortnite in mobile

Most of the game lovers don’t know that we can play Fortnite on a smartphone. But you won’t find it in the play store because epic games decide not to put their precious game on the google play store. The reason behind it, according to them, was the poor quality of service that the play store provides and the massive amount of cut they take. But you can download it from the official website of epic games.

   An interesting fact about the Fortnite is that a Chinese company named “Tencent” owns 40% of Fortnite and epic games. The Tencent company bought it for $825 million when the Fortnite was in the early stage of development.

Pubg and Fortnite Facts

Pubg and Fortnite Facts

Pubg battle royale concept is inspired by a 2000 Japanese movie called “Battle Royale”. In this movie, a group of 42 students go to an island for a trip. But later the students found out that it wasn’t just a trip, the only way to get out of that island was to kill each other until there will be the only one left standing.
Fortnite also created a battle royale mode in the game, the concept was the same, but Fortnite made it more creatively, which was a big reason for the success, even higher than Pubg. On the launch day, it had 1 million players, and in just two weeks, it had 10 million users.
Fortnite got so popular that it has over 200 million players, which is equal to Pakistan’s population. Players are so crazy about this game that the game has earned $1 billion just from in-game purchases and when the game launched on the iPhone, Fortnite started making $2 million a day only from the iPhone’s players. In 2018, the game earned $2.4 billion, by this figure SuperData has declared that this game is the most annual revenue-earned game than any other in history.

Awards won by Fortnite

Awards won by fortnite

The exciting thing about Fortnite is that in 2018, Fortnite game won some awards including “The game of the year” at the “Golden Joystick”, an award for “the best multiplayer game” and “the teen choice award” for the choice video game.

Fortnite Streaming

fortnite streaming

In the same year, almost 5000 years (4,38,00,000‬ hours) in total, have been streamed on Twitch in just two weeks. It is the most streamed and the most-watched game on Twitch. A player named ninja, whose real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, is the first American streamer who reached 10 million subscribers. He earns more than $500,000 per month. Even Netflix said they have to compete for more than HBO.

Fortnite Dance Move

fortnite dance moves

The unique thing about Fortnite is dance moves, which hardly ever seen in any game. Some dance moves are the creativity of the team. While some from celebrities like “Hootenanny” dance move, which was from 1994 comedy movie “Dumb and Dumber” by Jim Carrey, “Ride the Pony”, which is from the famous Korean dance from “Gum Gum Style”. One of the most brilliant moves is a floss dance move, which is from a distinguished 16-year- old Instagram dancer, named Russell Horning, also known as the backpack kid, he is from Lawrenceville. The move got so famous that many sports players did it while celebrating their victory.

Famous Fan of Fortnite

Josh Hart fortnite fan

The outstanding American basketball player named Josh Hart is also a die heart fan of Fortnite. In Feb 2017 Josh Hart accidentally collided with a teammate during practice, which led his left arm to fracture. His surgery was successful, but for a while, he couldn’t play.
As Josh Hart didn’t have anything to do, Josh Hart came across the game Fortnite. He started playing the game and spent most of the time in it. One day his friends played the game straight for 10 hours with him. Later he became such a big fan that he had a pair of sneakers, which was inspired by the Fortnite game. It has his name and his character on it.
Salvador Amezcua made the sneakers. Josh Hart even wore the Fortnite sneakers on the court. As Josh Hart became known for being a die heart fan of the Fortnite game, in an interview he was asked if he gets time to spend with his girlfriend or ninja, whom he will choose. He laughed and said right now ninja might be the hottest one.

Fun facts about Fortnite

At Tippecanoe High School in Ohio. A chemistry teacher McCray had an agreement with his students that if they had 6700 retweets of changing the topic from chemistry to Fortnite tweet, he would make the final exam about Fortnite instead of chemistry.
The tweet got viral and had 30,000 retweets. The chemistry teacher McCray was shocked about it because he didn’t think that it would cross 6700 tweets. He doesn’t play games and does not know about it, but now he has to find out the final exam questions about Fortnite. The chemistry teacher McCary said that he would give chemistry questions related to Fortnite in the final exam.
There is even a world cup of Fortnite, which happens annually. In 2019, there was a Fortnite world cup with a $30 million prize pool. In that, a teenager from Pennsylvania, Kyle Giersdorf won $3 million and took home the top prize of the Fortnite world cup.
He is just 16 years old and beat out 40 million players, who entered the competition. Online games have many terrible cheaters, so do Fortnite. Fortnite sued two players, named Mr Brue and Mr Vraspir. But they were speared with a fine of $150,000 per person.
They were cheating in-game and were also selling the cheat codes of Fortnite. There is even Fortnite coaching, coaches can charge $10 to $30 per hour, according to how qualified they are. The coaching is running a successful business because many parents are paying for their children’s coaching. Many players want to become a professional player and make money on Fortnite competition.
Every crazy player of Fortnite wants to get the skin of the character named Reaper, also known as John wick. It is tough to get this character because it can only unlock along with 100 levels of season 3. But now there is an original John Wick skin, which is a debut to the movie “John Wick” Chapter-3.
This character, you can buy with some V-bucks. Despite this, there is another, which is the rarest skin in Fortnite. It is “Recom Expert”, this skin doesn’t have anything special about it and compared to other surfaces it is very less preferred. This skin was one of the first skin released in Fortnite.
At that time the game wasn’t popular enough, like now and most of the players of that time weren’t interested in buying this skin as it was about 1200 V-Buck. So, on 12 November 2017, it was removed from the game, and since then it was never returned to the shop of the Fortnite. Now it is hardly seen.
Therefore it became the rarest skin of Fortnite, and the die heart fans of Fortnite are always interested in it. So, it became popular among the players.
There is a player named Fortnite Winner. The name sounds like a real winner’s name but as his 1000 matches were checked in a row, in that he never even won a game.
But “Fortnite Winner” got everyone’s attention by his character’s name. We always compare Fortnite with Pubg, but now Fortnite’s more significant threat is Apex Legend game.
This game was released on 4 February 2019 and got famous in a blink. It took Apex legend less than a week to get 20 million players, whereas Fortnite took 41 days to reach 20 million players.
Therefore, it became clear that there is one more tough competitor among Fortnite and Pubg. But as Fortnite has always surprised us from its new season, by having new- skin, weapons, maps, game modes and many more things in the new season. Hopefully, it will come with new seasons and continue to be the best game.