Facts about Mona Lisa

Facts about Mona Lisa
Facts about Mona Lisa

The famous painting of Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, is the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Leonardo Da Vinci made this incredible art, he began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503, and it was in his studio when he died in 1519. In 1804, the Mona Lisa painting was in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre in Paris. The Mona Lisa painting was not the most famous art in the gallery.

In 1911, the day came, it was 21st august when the fabulous painting disappeared from the wall of the Louvre. A temporary worker in the Louvre gallery named Vincenzo Peruggia, he was an Italian immigrant. He was making a glass frame for Mona Lisa painting. After the work finished, he got back to the gallery and hid in a closet. As the next day, the gallery closed. He was hiding in the closet all night long, in the morning he hid the Mona Lisa painting under his coat and escaped the museum.

No one noticed that the painting was missing for a day, the worker of the gallery thought that it has gone for restoration. Next day a painter came to the gallery, he was there for sketching the Mona Lisa painting. But he found the art to be missing from the gallery. The painting was not the most famous work in the gallery. It was barely guarded and not even fixed on the wall. But the theft of art became a media sensation.

All newspapers published with the Mona Lisa photo on the front pages, the news was everywhere Thousands of copies of the Mona Lisa posted, it was already increasing the value of the original painting of Mona Lisa. Soon it got that famous that people used to go to the gallery to see the space where the famous painting “Mona Lisa” was hung. Sixty detectives sought for the Mona Lisa painting but they didn’t find a clue that could lead them to the picture.

While the famous Mona Lisa painting was missing, according to the investigation team, Pablo Picasso was one of the suspects. The real thief Vincenzo Peruggia was disappeared as it was too risky because the police were severely finding the thief. For two years he was forgotten.

For two years Vincenzo Peruggia kept the Mona Lisa painting on the table of his apartment’s kitchen but finally got impatient. In 1913, an art dealer from Florance, Alfredo Geri, received a mysterious letter. In that letter, the person offered him to buy the stolen Mona Lisa painting. Later they met, and Vincenzo Peruggia gave the art for authentication. Alfredo Geri called in Giovanni Poggi, director of the Uffizi Gallery, who authenticated the painting.

After authentication, it proved that the painting was original. Poggi and Geri took the art as a safekeeping and called the police. At this event, Vincenzo Peruggia got arrest at his hotel, and the police gave the painting to the Louvre.

The lawyer made Vincenzo Peruggia look more like a patriotic hero than a thief. Peruggia was released after one year and fifteen days and served in the Italian army during World War I. He later married, had one daughter, Celestina, returned to France, and continued to work as a painter decorator using his birth name Pietro Peruggia.