Interesting facts about Jackie Chan

facts about jackie chan
facts about Jackie Chan

      Jackie Chan is not just a great actor but also a martial artist, film director, producer, singer, stunt director, and performer. Jackie Chan was the only child of poverty-stricken parents – both refugees from the Chinese civil war. His real name was Chan Kong-sang and was a very energetic child that he even earned a “Pao-Pao”, which means cannonball. His father used to wake him up early to practice Kung Fu. Jackie Chan started acting at the age of five, from childhood he just liked singing, acting and Kung Fu. Therefore, he was not interested in studies, once he even failed primary school. Jackie Chan was in a boarding school in Hong Kong at the age of seven years. His parents were in Australia. Later, Jackie Chan revealed that his father was a spy; at that time, his father was spying on Australia for China.

        At the age of 8, Jackie Chan became one of the “Seven Little Fortunes”, a group of children from the Academy would lend as extras in Chinese movies. At the age of 17, he was playing roles as extras and was a stuntman in movies. Jackie Chan was dreaming of becoming a world-famous actor and was working hard even in the other tasks. Once a director told him that he was useless, it didn’t stop him. Jackie Chan started training harder than before. While everyone was sleeping, he was working on his moves in front of the mirror until 4 a.m.

Due to his hard work, he was working in Bruce Lee movies as a stunt man. In the film “ Enter The Dragon”, there was the scene where Bruce Lee was beating Jackie Chan, unintentionally Bruce Lee hit him for real. Jackie Chan took an opportunity and acted like he was in great pain to get his attention. That way, they had a conversation. Bruce Lee made a liking to Jackie Chan and even taught him a few moves of his own. Later, Jackie Chan went to Australia. He briefly enrolled at Dickson College to learn English and got a “hard and boring” job in construction. There they started calling his name Little Jack. There was a builder named Jack, and they named after him. Later he changes it Jackie, from which we all know him.

     Jackie Chan was 21 years old when he was called back to Hong Kong for the movie “New Fist of Fury”. Later he was in some more Kung Fu movies, but none of them was getting successful. Jackie Chan was hurt and sad that none of his films was getting successful even though Jackie Chan was working so hard. Finally, he decided to change something, he recalled his childhood role models, comedians such as Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton and started doing action-comedy. It was very different from his previous movies, this time Jackie Chan made it more realistic like while punching he was also getting hurt, Jackie Chan wasn’t too harsh. He was getting scared, but this all completed hilariously and creatively. The audience loved this as it was the perfect combination of action and comedy. His first successful movie was “Snake in Eagle’s Shadow”. 

     In 1979, his debut as a director gave way to The Fearless Hyena, was another huge success. He broke his contract with Lo Wei and joined to a new production company. But Lo Wei wasn’t happy at all about this because he needed Jackie Chan for his company so, he sent the Triads to threaten him. This branch of Chinese organized crime began to invade Jackie’s daily life. From being shot where Jackie Chan was exiting a plane to being surrounded by 20 gang members at a restaurant, he was afraid for his life. From all this, he started carrying a gun all day.

   In 1980, he was so popular in Hong Kong and was also the most paid actor. Therefore, it wasn’t even possible for triads to even touch him. In this year he tried his luck in Hollywood, he was in the movie “The Big Brawl”. Unfortunately, the was not a success, as his English speaking skill was taking him nowhere in the state. Therefore, he returned to Hong Kong and worked as a producer and director for his movies. He made movies that were more than just martial arts and was loved by everyone.

    After 10years later he returned to Hollywood. In 1995, he was in the movie “Rumble in the Bronx”, which was a hit. Since then he made back to back hit movies, in which he worked die heartedly, he did his stunts like jumping out of the plane and landing on a hot air balloon just for our entertainment. While doing these dangerous stunts, he broke his nose, ankle, cheekbones, fingers, knee, shoulder, chin, dislocating his pelvis and cracking his skull. Despite all that, he never stopped doing crazy stunts and still holds the world record for the most trick by a living actor. Jackie Chan has a Charitable Foundation to help young people in a variety of worthy causes, including medical services, aid to victims of natural disaster or illness, scholarships and youth activities. Jackie is currently a UNICEF and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador.

    Jackie Chan said he never gives up is the reason for his success.