China fighting against Corona Virus

China against Corona virus
China against Corona virus

The new corona virus(CoV) is a deadly virus. There are 73,336 cases, and 1,874 people died from it. This virus is continuously killing people day by day. In China many cities are locked down due to this virus spreading, these cities are desert now, you will not see anyone roaming on the street, and the people you will see out there would probably go out there to buy their daily needs.

Before going out on the road, people are taking full precision like covering their whole body, wearing a mask, keeping some distance from strangers to avoid getting infected from coronavirus and cleaning themselves and their things after returning. There you will see many of those people with big suitcase bags.

They are not leaving the country, not all of them. They are taking these suitcase bags for carrying their groceries. They are buying groceries as much as possible for an extended period, that’s how there will be no need for them to come back for groceries again and again.
The government is trying everything to stop this virus from spreading and to get rid of it. They sent hundreds of trucks with a chemical spray to spray all over the streets to get rid of these harmful bacterias. There was a plan for building a 1,000-bed hospital which was in action on 23 January 2020. It sounds impossible, building a hospital in 10 days but for making it possible the management hundreds of staff and workers were arriving at the construction site early at 3 a.m. While building the hospital, some companies across China helped with it by providing materials for construction.

Finally, the hard work has come to fruition on 3 February, when it can officially be called a hospital. It is a perfect example of the power of teamwork. Like these people, hospital staff are also working very hard to treat coronavirus. They are continually working for 9 to 12 hours a day, which is quite tiring for anyone who works that much without eating or sleeping in the middle of it. You will also see marks on their faces due to wearing face masks for an extended period, and a coronavirus infects at least five hundred of them, but they are working which show their love for their people.

The coronavirus has affected the development of the country. As per expectation that due to this virus, China’s progress will be slow to 4.5 per cent in the first three months of 2020. There is travel restriction, and it also affected supplies, which is affecting China’s economy. But hopefully, the way China is fighting against this virus will soon put an end to it.