After Charlie Chaplin death his body was kidnapped

Charlie Chaplin body was stolen
Charlie Chaplin body was stolen

Charlie Chaplin is the greatest actor of all time. His unique style of acting made him the biggest star of cinema. He made 62 movies, which were back to back hit comedy movies. He has also surprised us in every movie. Now slapstick comedy is known by Charlie Chaplin. Most of the films he made are of a tramp character, who has a lot of tragicomedies in his life. Which portraited in our mind that the Charlie Chaplin has a real personality like his films tramp characters.

         In 1914, Charlie Chaplin started growing his career and played his first role in the film “Take My Picture” as a comedian. Everyone loved the movie, and soon he got famous for his comedy movies. In 1952, Charlie Chaplin and his family moved to Switzerland. He lived a happy life with his wife Oona and their eight children. In 1977 on Christmas, when he was 88 years old, he died. On this day we lost the king of comedy. They buried him in 300lb coffin. It was a sad day for everyone.

           Three months later, when everything got normal, a call came to Chalie Chaplin’s wife, Oona. It was the Switzerland police, and they called her to inform about the disappearance of her husband Charlie Chaplin’s dead body.

Charlie Chaplin's wife
Charlie Chaplin’s wife

           The investigation discovered the grave had desecrated at night and the coffin was the dugout. Later the coffin was dragged for a short distance, and then the casket was loaded on a vehicle and was drove away. It wasn’t cleared to swiss police who stole the coffin and for what motive.

          Several days later, when everyone was clueless about who could steal Charlie Chaplin’s body. A call came to Oona Chaplin, this time it was the unknown caller who was claiming that he had Charlie Chaplin’s body. He cleared everyone’s doubt about the motive of stealing the body by demanding $6,00,000 for returning. But Charlie Chaplin wife, Oona Chaplin laughed and refused him for paying. That made the robbers very nervous that they started negotiating and came down to $1,00,000. Oona Chaplin agreed with the deal and later called the police. They set up the meeting but unfortunately ended up catching an innocent postman.

           The deal was off. Later the thieves called and said that they would renegotiate the ransom on 17 May at 9:30 AM. The police took as an advantage of getting ready for that day. They tapped Oona’s phone and put officers for watching almost 200 phone booths in that area. Finally, hard work came to fruition the police caught the thieves nearby Lausanne. Roman Wardas and Gantscho Ganev were two auto mechanics, who stole the Charlie Chaplin’s body. They had a poor financial condition, so they decided to walk on the path of crime. 

         Later Roman Wardas, who was the mastermind of this crime got four and a half year of hard work sentence and Gantscho Ganev got eighteen months suspended sentence.

         Once Charlie Chaplin said that at least once in life think about yourself, maybe you are missing the best comedy in the world. 

        If the thieves will think about their life, maybe for them this crime would be the best comedy in the world.