A pizza order to 911

A pizza order to 911

Tim TenEyck is a 911 dispatcher in Oregon, Ohio. He has answered many calls in his 14 years in the job, but on 14th November, he received a call that was different from all.

On 14th November, in the evening, Tim TenEyck was working as usual when he received a call.
“It’s 911”, Tim TenEyck said.
“I would like to order a pizza”, a lady answered from the other side.
“You called 911 to order a pizza”, Tim TenEyck said.
“Uh, yeah”, she said confidentially.
“This is the wrong number to call for a pizza”, Tim TenEyck said it, as hoping that the caller had called the wrong number.

“No, no, no, no, no. You’re not understanding”, the lady said hastily with reflex.
Till now other operators would have hung up on it, as it looks like a fake call. But Tim TenEyck felt suspicious about it, so he said: “I’m getting you now” as he started to understand that she is in a condition, where she can’t directly ask him for help.
“Is the other guy still there”, Tim TenEyck said in the hope that he will get more information from her code language.

“Yeh, I need a large Pizza”, the lady replied and cleared Tim TenEyck suspicion. So, Tim TenEyck starts collecting critical information.
“All right. How about medical? Do you need medical”, Tim TenEyck asked his first question.
“No, with pepperoni”, the lady answered with code language.
After taking her address, Tim TenEyck said “All right. We will get them going”.
“ Thank you”, the lady said.

Tim TenEyck called the police right away, which was nearby the place. He told the police that the caller pretended as ordering pizza and agreed with everything he said that there is domestic violence going on. Therefore, he told police to go without their siren on, as to prevent the suspect from getting suspicious.

When the police arrived at the place where they were sent, they found out the caller, who was a 38 years old lady, Tiffany Urban. She told the police that she called 911 because her boyfriend was assaulting her 57 years old mother. He was 56 years old Simon Ray Lopez, who was attacking her mother.

Police arrested Simon Ray Lopez. Tiffany Urban stated that on 13th November, at night, he came home drunk and started beating her mother. She also told other things, which he did to them.
Simon Ray Lopez was held at the Lucas County Corrections Center on domestic violence and assaulting charge.

Three weeks later, unfortunately, Tiffany Urban died from cardiac arrest. On Monday morning, she was in the hospital. She was placed on life support until Wednesday, on 11th December, when the doctor declared her dead.

Although she is dead, everyone will remember her as a strong lady, who stood up for her family.